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From: Rokjox@cableone.net 
Date: Sunday, June 05, 2005 3:03 PM 
To: sandy@boiseclimbs.com 
Subject: Need a climbing partner

Hey Sandy:

Looks bleak around here. No letters since mid-march? Could we be lucky enough that the interest in climbing locally is fading in one of the slow cycles that seem to be the rule? Probibly not.

I'm getting bored locally. Need a climbing partner. So I'll prostitute myself here.


Bored local Rock Jock needs partner. Been climbing since before most of the locals hereabouts learned to talk. (Now THOSE were the good old days. Much quieter.) Profess (confess?) to being a loudmouth Trad, and with modesty I think I can say that I can still lead easy 5.10. (OK hotshot, so You can do better? me too, probably, but 20' above my pro, I'm still moving up at 5.10 something), Got 100+ lbs of mixed old gear, and a new rope.

Want to spend some time in the City again, and maybe select other places. May have a new wall spotted, too, but I ain't telling, unless I get to have some fun there before the bolt gun crowd wienie their battery powered, top rope hanging, all artificial pro and quick draw pre-placing, Name Waving, book bragging, FA boasting, sandbagging, ethics splitting, hangdogging, (getting the picture why I got no partners in the new age?) plastic pulling, warm weather sucking, card carrying, indoor membership holding, cliquish (is that even a word?), ego polishing, overachieving, moralistic, never drink while climbing, overly secure and never take a risk, sport climbing, crack bolting, SUV driving, (getting tired?) and lycra clad (see, OLD reference), retro bolting, grid bolting, route every 5 foot, bolt every 4 foot, butts all over the face, and drive up the prices at the locals bar.

Out to have fun. This means drinking, smoking and probably chasing YOUR girlfriend around. Good Mormons, good cops, and preachers of all denominations should not apply as history suggests you won't like what I do, or how I do it, and I am looking for a long term relationship....

Also like to single trak, ski (no, I dont use lifts much), and walk distances carrying too much weight. Have been known to volunteer as mule, for others to do significant events.

I am probably ugly, ignorant, rude, smelly, opinionated, cheap, and unlikeable. But I have wall experience, money and a jeep.

I will check this web site out occasionally, leave me a note -- (pretty bleak here, doesn't look like anyone will notice the paper). All the better if you have a bicycle and a dog. If it looks like we have a similar schedule and attitude, I can be a little fun.

Rokjox Bitrakn Teleski


Anyone interested in sharing belays and opinions with Rokjox can contact him at Rokjox@cableone.net. For those in need of transportation, he will give you a lift to the crag in his horse drawn buggy.



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