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The Traverse Wall Cave  This cave, located at the far end of the Traverse Wall at Table Rock, is nothing more than an outdoor bouldering gym.  The problems here were manufactured by drill for the express purpose of outdoor training.  However dubious and unethical this may be, there is a lot of fun bouldering to be done. The steep, and yet steeper, boulder problems offer countless variations and linkups that are only limited by ones strength and imagination.  Listed are the most obvious lines, not their variations (generally). You might note that none of the problems in this “gym” top out.  You could top out if you like, but the rock above is dirty and pointless.  Ratings reflect the easiest sequence of moves through the respective line.  The problems seem to change over time so ratings may not be accurate in the future.  Please keep in mind that this place is privately owned and access to date has been generously tolerated.  Please be very respectful of the property owner’s rights and be sure to leave no trace.  

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The Conglomerate   This small bouldering crag is located just off of Table Rock Road.  The rock is conglomerate sandstone peppered with polished river stones and pockets.  The problems are short but delightfully steep.  To get there, drive up Table Rock Road less than a mile to Strata Via Way.  Follow Strata Via to a turnaround point where the Conglomerate outcrop is visible just up hill.  Sadly, bulldozers have been "improving" the landscape around the crag and it appears that it will soon be surrounded by McMansions.  Better get your projects done soon!

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The 13 Mile Boulders  These boulders are located a little over 13.5 miles up Bogus Basin Road from Hill Road.  They are visible above the road shortly before the Doe Point turnoff.  The Superman Boulder is the first you will see and is the largest.  It offers of a couple of short traditional crack climbs.  The next boulder, a short distance up the road, is the Atomic Boulder.  It offers a few boulder problems, some of which are tall enough enough to put a mild scare in the most stoic of young craggers.  The good news is, the cool forest setting offers a nice escape from summer heat.  The bad news is, the less than perfect granite often crumbles away under foot.  Probably as a result of this, the area is still somewhat of a blank canvas with obvious lines still awaiting a serious suitor. 




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