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    For many in the Boise area, outdoor recreation is synonymous with well-known and popular destinations in central Idaho, such as Sun Valley and the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. Yet much closer to home, and commonly overlooked, is a vast landscape of wild and scenic public land that offers unlimited potential for outdoor adventures. This book, by Sandy Epeldi and Dave Nevins, features hiking, trail running, and canyoneering routes that are conveniently close to Boise--primarily in the Boise Front, the Owyhee Front, and the Boise National Forest. Many of the routes described are perfect for after work outings; others are more suitable for a weekend adventure. All of the routes offer great outdoor fun within one hundred miles of Boise.




New! Some of the route descriptions in the Boise Backcountry Adventures book are now available individually for purchase in PDF format. Check the "Hikes/Runs" page for availability.



























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