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From: Michael Lanza <mlanza@velocitus.net> 
Date: Friday, September 29, 2006 10:47 AM 
To: sandy@boiseclimbs.com 
Subject: Re: chopping bolts


The BCA is aware that bolts are apparently being chopped at the Black Cliffs. We have no knowledge of who's responsible, nor do we have any real authority to do anything about it. For those who are asking, we are not currently conducting any bolt replacement as an organization, though it is something we've discussed and would be willing to look into; anyone interested in helping out can contact us through the website. We hope that if someone is chopping bolts, that person will recognize the danger he or she is putting other climbers in, especially given that some of this chopping has taken place on popular moderate routes. We'd much rather entertain a conversation among local climbers about ethics than see someone acting unilaterally in a way that endangers our community.

Mike Lanza




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