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Leslie Gulch  Leslie Gulch is a strikingly aesthetic vastness of volcanic tuff towers in the Mahogany Mountains of southeastern Oregon.   The rock is similar to, but not as solid as, the volcanic tuff at Smith Rock   There are more than 80 established routes at Leslie Gulch.  The majority of these routes are sport climbs but there are also some crack climbs.  "The Windy Tower 5.11a" is an outstanding crack climb that can be seen on the right side of the road as you approach the Einstein parking area.  The sport routes are clustered on the Einstein wall and the Asylum wall and others are scattered throughout Dago Gulch.  The infamous manufactured routes on the Einstein and Asylum were responsible for a moratorium on route development and BLM plans for bolt removal.  The bolts have remained and climbing has been allowed to continue.  Despite the questionable nature of the routes origins, many of these climbs are exceptionally good.  But, if climbing on drilled pockets is not for you, skip the Einstein and Asylum and head straight to the naturally featured sport routes in Dago Gulch.  The drive from Boise to Leslie Gulch takes about an hour and forty five minutes.  From Boise take I-84 to Nampa and then access highway 55 via the sugar plant exit.  Head west on highway 55 through Marsing and then on to a junction with highway 95.  Turn left onto highway 95 and drive about 20 miles south to McBride Creek Road (marked by a Leslie Gulch sign).  Turn right on the dirt surfaced McBride Creek Road and proceed, following the Leslie Gulch signs, about 25 miles to Leslie Gulch.  The approach to the Einstein and Asylum begins at a small pullout, by a cattle guard, near the Leslie Gulch ranger hut.  The Asylum is the giant flower pedal shaped tower looming above the road and it is approached via the trail up Leslie Gulch. Hike about a quarter mile up Leslie Gulch and look for a trail that veers off right and up to the Asylum.  The Einstein is a little further up the Leslie Gulch trail and you can't miss it.  Dago Gulch is slightly further down the road from the pullout, by the ranger hut.  There are primitive campsites at Dago Gulch.  The climbing season at Leslie Gulch is the same as Boise's.                  



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