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Tuesday, April 26, 2005 11:39 AM 
Subject: The Access Fund needs your Help


Boise Climbers Alliance-

The Access Fund is asking for your help to fight against the largest potential climbing closure in history, Oak Flat, AZ. Your role in saving Oak Flat is important not only because of the precedent it sets but because the congressional leaders that sit on the committee that will vote on this bill are from your state.

Oak Flat, AZ is under attack and needs the entire climbing and outdoor community's help to save it. This issue sets a very dangerous precedent--a wealthy mining corporation can convince Congress to draft a land exchange bill that allows the devastation of a federally-protected piece a public land because they prefer to mine in a way that destroys the surface. This precedent affects climbers, hikers, bikers, anglers, skiers, paddlers; anyone who plays and loves the outdoors.

Arizona climbers have mobilized and written many letters in opposition to the land exchange bill. These letters have prompted important meetings between the Access Fund and congressional leaders in Arizona. Now we need fuel to connect with more congressional members on the resource committees from other states -- yours. Letters and exposure will help this fight significantly and your assistance can make the difference.

We ask that you do two things: 1) please write a letter to your state's congressional leaders asking them to oppose the bill. If you are a business owner, be sure to let your congressional leader know. Involving business in this fight drives home the economic impact that climbing and outdoor recreation has on a state. 2) Second, please spread the word to your contacts and members about Oak Flat so that they can write more letters and this important issue is in front of as many outdoor enthusiasts as possible.

This issue is not a question of right vs left, conservation vs preservation, or Democrat vs Republican. Rather, it is a matter of supporting balanced conservation instead of massive industrial development and standing up for the reasonable use of our public lands. The precedent set at Oak Flat resonates far beyond central Arizona-it affects our climbing and recreation future on public lands across the country, and directly affects our businesses, passions, and ideals.

Please join with the Access Fund and do your part for the future of climbing and human powered recreation.

Sincerely Yours, Deanne Buck (Acces Fund Grassroots Coordinator) 303.545.6772 x112

HERES WHAT TO DO: 1. Write Letter... Included the following information... Your name, address, and that you vote! Bill name, "Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act of 2005" Why you value Oak Flat, how long and/or how often you go there Challenge your elected officials to tell you what they know regarding what the area will look like if Resolution Copper is allowed to mine Oak Flat as planned. No one should vote for this land exchange without knowing what environmental changes will occur to the landscape as a result. Environmental blight created by RCC's copper mine will be the legacy of all politicians who vote for this bill. Pick any of the items mentioned above that concern you 2. Address and Mail letter... Find the names of your elected officials, Here. (enter your zip+4 and/or find your state in the "drop-down menu" -- then on the second page, enter your address + city)

Look up those names for your state. (.doc) This list includes only those congressional members that sit on the relevant committees that will be directly reviewing this bill. Write to both Senators listed for your state, as well as the US Representatives.

Please also make a copy and send to Jason Keith, c/o The Access Fund, 243 Aspen Avenue, Moab, UT 84532 or "copy & paste" letter into an email and send to Additional questions may also be sent to this email.

Go Climb a Rock!



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