Other Crags and Climbing Areas:

IDAHO_MAP.jpg (61866 bytes)Boise Area:
1. The Black Cliffs
    2. Table Rock: The Conglomerate
    & The Traverse Wall Cave 
    3. The 13 Mile Boulders
Southwest Idaho & Eastern Oregon:
    1. Swan Falls
    2. Reynolds Creek
    3. Leslie Gulch
    4. Burnt River
    5. Spring Mountain*
South Central Idaho:
    1. Dierkes Lake
    2. The Lava Caves
    3. Blue Gill
    4. The City of Rocks
    5. The Conner Columns
Eastern Idaho:
    1. Ross Park^
    2. Massacre Rocks^
    3. Box Canyon^
Central Idaho Mountains:
    1. The Sawtooths
    2. The Bighorn Crags
    3. Pass Creek/Bear Gulch
West Central Idaho:
    1. Hells Canyon*
    2. Riggins Limestone & boulders
    3. Salmon River Crags*
    4. Slick Rock
    5. Jug Handle Mtn.^^
    6. The Needles
    A. Lightning Dome*
    B. Pequop
    C. Logan Canyon
    D. Smith Rock*
* See Kevin Pogues Webspace
^ See www.seiclimbing.com
^^ See Mike's Beta page on this site.




If there is a climbing area that you would like to see on this page send me an e-mail at: sandy@boiseclimbs.com.



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