Routes Detailed in Boise Backcountry Adventures


Individual PDF versions of some of these route descriptions are available for $2.50. Simply scroll down to the route you want to download, and if it has a link, click on it (this will take you to an order page). If it doesn't have a link, check back later. Eventually all of the route descriptions will be available.


The Boise Front


 1.    Bobís Trail & Corrals Trail South
 2.    Corralís Trail North & Scottís Trail
3.    Hard Guy Trail
 4.    Camelís Back Reserve & Hulls Gulch Reserve Trails
          Camelís Back Hill Loop
          Hulls Pond Loop
          The Grove Loop
 5.    Lower Hulls Gulch - Crestline Loop
 6.    Hulls Gulch National Recreation Trail  Sample PDF (557 KB)
 7.    Military Reserve Trails
          Cottonwood Creek Loop
          Elephant Rock Loop
          Central Ridge Loop
8.    Shaneís Loop Trail
9.    Curlew Ridge
10.  Fivemile Gulch Trail
11.  Castle Rock Reserve Trails
          Castle Rock Loop
          Hot Springs Loop
12.  Table Rock Reserve Trails
          Table Rock Loop
          Table Rock Quarry Loop
13.  Homestead Trail & Lucky Peak Trail North
14.  Highland Valley - Cobb Loop
 15.  Lydle Gulch Area Trails
          Lydle Ridge Trail
          Oregon Trail to Bonneville Point

Boise National Forest


 16.  Shafer Creek Area Trails
          Stack Rock
          Shafer Creek Loop
17.  Bogus Basin Nordic Trails
          The Lower Loop Nordic Trail
 18.  Bogus Basin Ski Area Trails
          Bogus Basin Loop Tour
19.  Mores Mountain Loop Trail
20.  Coyote Rock
21.  Gardiner Peak - Daggett Creek Loop
 22.  Station Creek Trail to Bald Mountain
23.  Nellieís Basin Trail
24.  Airline Trail
          Airline Trail - Lower Half
          Airline Trail - Upper Half
25.  Rattlesnake Trail
 26.  Peace Creek - Devilís Slide Loop
27.  Renwyck Creek Trail to Hangman Tree
28.  Antelope Trail
29.  West Mountain Trail to Tripod Peak
30.  Sage Hen Nature Trail
31.  Blue Lake
32.  Lost Lake & Hidden Lake
33.  Shirts Lake
          Shirts Lake from Snowbank Mountain
          Shirts Lake from Willow Creek Trail
 34.  Skein Lake & Raft Lake
35.  Eagle Nest Trail
          Section 1
          Section 2
          Section 3
36.  Curtis Lake
37.  Tyndall Creek Trail to Stony Meadow
38.  Bear Creek Lake
 39.  Idaho City Area Cross-Country Ski Trails
          Buena Vista Loop Trail
          Charcoal Gulch Loop Trail
40.  Wilson Peak
41.  Idaho City Park Ní Ski Areas
          Pilgrim Loop
          Beaver Creek Trail
42.  Crooked River Trail
43.  Red Mountain Lakes Tour
 44.  Blue Jay Trail
45.  Bench Creek Trail to Trap Creek Lakes
 46.  Jennie Lake
          Jennie Lake Trail
          Trapper Flat to Jennie Lake
47.  Tyee Mountain & Cow Lake
48.  North Fork Boise River Trail
 49.  Horse Heaven Trail to Swanholm Peak
 50.  Lake Creek Lake
51.  Greylock Lakes
 52.  Lynx Creek Lakes
 53.  Cottonwood Creek Trail
54.  William H Pogue National Recreation Trail
55.  Three Point Mountain
56.  Corral Creek - Jack Creek Loop
 57.  Willow Creek Loop
58.  Devils Creek Trail to Rattlesnake Mountain
 59.  Lava Mountain Trail  Sample PDF (1.02 MB)
60.  Twin Sisters Lakes
61.  Rainbow Basin Trail
62.  Green Creek Trail
          Green Creek Lake

The Owyhee Front & Western Snake River Plain


 63.  Jump Creek Canyon
          Jump Creek Falls Trail
          Falls Overlook Trail
          Jump Creek Canyon Loop Tour
64.  Wildcat Canyon
65.  Squaw Creek Canyon
          Lower Squaw Creek Canyon Loop Tour
          Upper Squaw Creek Canyon Loop Tour
66.  Wilson Creek Travel Management Area
          Reynolds Creek Canyon Tour
67.  Halverson Lakes Trail Loop
 68.  River Canyon Trail Loop
69.  Sinker Creek Canyon Tour
70.  Avondale Basin
71.  Sawpit Gulch
72.  Hart Creek Canyon Loop Tour
73.  Browns Creek Canyon
          Lower Browns Creek Canyon Loop Tour
          Upper Browns Creek Canyon Loop Tour
74.  Perjue Canyon Loop Tour  Sample PDF (424 KB)
 75.  Crater Rings Loop
76.  Teapot Dome Loop Tour
 77.  Bruneau Dunes State Park
          Sand Dunes Hiking Trail