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From : Michael Lanza <mlanza@velocitus.net> 
Sent : Friday, April 30, 2004 7:40 AM 
To : <mail@boiseclimbers.org> 
Subject : Black Cliffs trail work volunteers needed


We wrote to you earlier this spring about a Boise Climbers Alliance proposal to conduct significant and much-needed improvements to badly deteriorating trails at the Black Cliffs. Many of you responded then in support of the project and volunteering to help out. We're pleased to announce that the BCA has secured major grant funding from The Access Fund and The American Alpine Club for this work. Now we need volunteer muscle power to get the work done.

We've scheduled two work dates: Saturday, May 22, and Sunday, May 23, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days. We're breaking each day into half-day work shifts (8-noon and 1-5pm) for organizational purposes, and asking people to volunteer for a minimum of a half-day shift so that we're not breaking up work teams mid-shift. But we're honestly hoping that folks will show up for a full day or both days, as much time you can give. There's a fair bit of work to be done, and we need a good number of bodies out there to accomplish it. If you know other climbers who would help and may not have received this notice, please forward it to them.

Briefly, the project will include work on trails accessing the Short, Mid and Tall Cliffs, Populace Wall, Car Body Canyon, and Scary Canyon-Wailing Wall area. We will assign volunteers to work teams based on what each person is willing and capable of doing physically. Not all of the work will involve heavy lifting or heavy tools. We'll have BCA work team leaders prepared to undertake each separate project with a group of volunteers. We'll provide more details later to all volunteers responding to this notice about tools, specific tasks, etc. If you volunteer and happen to have some trail-building experience, please let us know.

Separately, we're also contacting contractors regarding work that will require professionals with heavy machinery, including reconstructing the parking lot at Car Body Canyon (washed out last September), and installing a gate to prevent vehicle access to the Short Cliffs (which the land management agency, the Bureau of Reclamation, has required as a condition of this trail project, and is needed to remedy bad erosion there). This obviously isn't work that could be done by random volunteers. Anyone who has, or knows of, professionals who might donate labor or materials for this work, please contact Mike or Brian (see below). We're also hoping to eventually install informational kiosks on a few primary trails accessing the Black Cliffs.

If you climb there, or just want to volunteer to help out, please contact Mike Lanza, BCA President, at 433-8652, mlanza@velocitus.net, or our trail project coordinator, Brian Fedigan, at BFdgn@aol.com. See www.boiseclimbers.org for more information.

Mike Lanza 
Boise Climbers Alliance President



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