The Traverse Wall Cave

  1. V3  Traverse from the left end of the cave to the far right end of the cave (at #17).  The mid section can be done on one of two different levels, each being roughly the same level of difficulty.   Extend the traverse into #18 for more moves and challenge.  Obviously there are many alternate starts and variations.
  2. V0  Sit start and then step up to the big undercling/sidepull.  Exit left at the lip.
  3. V2  A pointless sit start leads to drilled pockets.  Trend left and exit left.
  4. V3  Start as for the previous problem but trend right on drilled pockets to #5ís finish ledge.
  5. V4  Sit start at a sidepull.  Swing out steep drilled pockets to a finish ledge.
  6. V5  Pull strenuous contortions out the very steep seam.  This line is a refreshing change of pace from the surrounding manufactured problems.
  7. V2  Sit start at a sidepull pocket and trend left up the steep face.
  8. V0  Sit start as for the previous problem but go straight up to the obvious left-leaning ramp.  Follow the ramp left to the obvious finish jug.  Continue into #9 if you are up for the challenge.
  9. V5  This reachy traverse can be started from several different points.  The most ambitious would be from #18.  The most direct from #8.  The most worthwhile is probably from #15.

  10. V0  Sit start at a four-finger pocket.  A brief flurry of moves lead to a deadpoint.
  11. V2  Sit start at an undercling.  Trend left on drilled pockets and edges.
  12. V4  Sit start as for the previous problem.  Pull straight out the belly of the beast to a throw for the lip.
  13. V3  Sit start at the drilled four-finger blob.  Follow four-finger drilled holds to a deadpoint for the shelf.
  14. V2  Sit start at the right end of the steep face.  Follow drilled pockets out the prow.  Var: V5  Eliminate footholds on the face to the right for more of a challenge.
  15. V1  Sit start at big slopers.  Traverse right on slopers to the huge slot and a long reach for the lip.  Continue left on #1 for additional fun.
  16. V0  Sit start at a four-finger drilled edge.  Pull up to the huge slot and out to the lip.
  17. V3  Sit start at four-finger drilled edges.  Climb up to the huge slot and launch for the right end of the lip and up.  Var: V5  Eliminate the huge slot from the sequence.
  18. V1  Traverse right on drilled edges and pockets, high or low.  Continue right on natural holds to the far-right end of the face.  The original sequence, before the current generation of manufactured holds, went high on mostly natural holds.  It was roughly V5. 
  19. V2  This problem is on the separate boulder to the right of the cave.  Sit start at the lowest downhill point.  Traverse up the left-leaning arÍte to a gritty ramp top-out. 


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